‘Beginners Botox’: How young is too young?

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01 Feb 2018

‘Beginners Botox’: How young is too young?

A common question I’m normally asked is ‘When is the right time for me to start having botox’. Young people these days have immense pressure to look their very best at all times.

Ones suitability for anti-aging treatment, e.g. Botox, is based on a number of factors, age most definitely being one. Most accredited and reputable practitioners would refuse to treat any one under 18 years old with injectables if it was for purely cosmetic reasons. Skin type, genetics, environmental factors such as smoking, sun exposure and skin care will influence and affect our skin in different ways.

As we know… Prevention is better than cure.

Dynamic lines on the forehead, frown and around the eyes occur naturally with facial expressions and movement but as we age, these lines become more static and are present all of the time. Treatment here would be corrective rather than preventative.

Preventative botox, ‘Baby Botox’, beginners botox or prejuventation sits known as meaning is a good way of halting or stopping static lines appearing and deepening over time. Botox relaxes the muscles involved (not freezes!) and softens the skin in these areas. It is dose dependant and tailored to each individual, therefore it is crucial to have a full assessment prior to any treatment.

I am very cautious about the amount and frequency of botox/anti-wrinkle treatments I provide to patients. Less is more. Enhancement rather that transformation. Subtle over obvious. These are the rules I live by and tend to be my approach when treating clients.

Botox is not the only option- chemical peels and mesotherapy along side botox treatment has been considered the best protocol to give your skin that healthy glow.

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