Braces – Understanding your options

Dr Krystyna Dental Cosmetic Surgeon Braces and Your Options
26 Jan 2017

Braces – Understanding your options

A shocking 42% of people wish they could change the appearance of their smile. Instead of letting your smile affect your confidence, why not investigate your options – you could be surprised.

Dental technology has evolved over the years, allowed different treatments to be carried out in more sophisticated manners. This includes the straightening of teeth. Unsightly methods of straightening teeth are becoming a thing of the past as new, advanced techniques are becoming available in more dental practices.

Traditional straightening of teeth is something that most people can related to. Metal wires, elastic bands, plastic plates. This can bring back horrible memories of pain, discomfort and embarrassing food getting stuck between the wires!

For those of you that wish to straighten their teeth without visible braces, Invisalign is the solution. The innovative Invisalign technology allows you to have custom-made aligners that are replaced every couple of weeks as your teeth gradually move and line up. But, the best part is that they’re made out of clear plastic.
The aligners are barely noticeable and slot over your teeth. You’ll be advised to wear them at all times apart from when you’re eating. In most cases the treatment will last between nine and 15 months, depending on the condition of your teeth.
They’re comfortable to wear and you’ll likely find that they cause little disruption to your life.