Chin & Cheek Enhancement

cheek and chin enhancements Dr Krystyna

Cheek Enhancement

As one gets older, the facial skin looses elasticity and becomes ‘saggy’. The soft tissues and bone in the middle third of the face will gradually degenerate and lead to a more aged appearance.

By adding volume to the cheeks, the former youthful facial fullness can be restored and enhanced thereby lessening the signs of ageing. Alternatively, younger patients may simply desire more prominent/defined cheekbones.

Chin Reshaping

The chin is often overlooked but it is of utmost importance in balancing the aesthetics of the face. It is an important feature of the lower third of the face and must be the right size and shape to be harmonious with other facial features.

By enhancing the chin, the jaw line can be sharpened; the profile of the face balanced, and the apparent amount of excess skin and fat in the neck can be reduced.

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