Gummy Smile: What CAN be done

Gummy Smile: What CAN be done Dr Krystyna
15 Feb 2018

Gummy Smile: What CAN be done

When you smile, your top lip is stretched out to the sides and lifted in order to expose your teeth. However, in some cases, the appearance of your upper teeth can be overshadowed by an exaggerated lip lift. Both teeth and a large amount of gum is therefore exposed, giving this look the name ‘Gummy Smile’.

Causes of Gummy Smile:

  1. A high lip line. This is the most common cause of a gummy smile.
  2. Muscular problems i.e the muscle controlling you upper lip[ may be ‘hyperactive’ which causes the lip to raise higher than normal.
  3. Abnormal eruption of teeth.

Corrective Treatments

There are several ways to correct the gummy smile; some more drastic than others. Firstly, it is possible to orthodontically move the teeth with braces. Other, more severe options, include lip and jaw repositioning with surgery. In most moderate to light cases, a combination of increasing the lip volume with dermal fillers and relaxing the top lip muscle with botox can be performed. This involves minimal downtime and results can be fantastic, however NOT permanent. Top ups required as and when.


Lip Filler: £250-350 depending on amount required

Botox: £230


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