The Dangers of Using DIY Teeth Whitening Kits

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03 Jan 2018

The Dangers of Using DIY Teeth Whitening Kits

Many people want to have cosmetically whitened teeth, and are going to crazy lengths to get their desired aesthetic look. Teeth bleaching is a well known procedure that is normally carried out by a professional and medically licensed dentist. However, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to opt for over-the-counter or online bleaching kits. This in incredibly dangers and can put patients at risk of mouth infections, tooth ache, gum recession (shrinkage) and even tooth nerve damage. Alongside the drastic health problems, over the counter bleach may also be fake, non effective or cause uneven patchy white spots.

Teeth are built up mainly by a tissue called dentine which is naturally yellow in colour. The whiteness of teeth comes over the hard enamel coating which covers the whole of the tooth. Over time this enamel can wear and thin, which means teeth appear more yellow as the dentine shows through. Other extrinsic factors that cause stained teeth include coffee, red wine and smoking.

Tooth bleaching uses a carbide peroxide gel of 16%. This oxides with the dentine and lightens the ions and minerals of the teeth, therefore providing a lovely white colour. Many over-the-counter bleaches contain a high acidity of bleach which can damage the teeth and strip the gums. Some products sold are also very abrasive and remove enamel layers whilst trying to alleviate staining.

When you visit a professionally dentist/DrK you will undergo a full dental analysis and health check. This is to ensure you are a suitable candidate for tooth bleaching. Moulds of the mouth are taken to create custom made bespoke whitening trays which are tailored to you. If one orders whitening trays online they are normally poor fitted which leads to leakage and spillage of the gels. This can be swallowed and cause stomach problems!

The benefit of over the counter type products are that they are cheap, but for that reason they should be avoided. Cosmetic bleach should be licences and registered and the treatment must only be carried out by a professional to avoid any complications.

There are several whitening procedures avaliable; at home bleaching or in-house. Both are extremely effective and great results can be achieved. The in-house treatment uses a UV light to active the bleach applied to the teeth. You will walk out with teeth at least two shades lighter than what you walked in with! This can be topped up and maintained at home with custom made trays and home kits – again all provided by professionals! The process will take 1 hour in total and any top ups done at home can be done over night. The whitening trays will need to be work for a minimum for 4/5 hours.

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