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Anti-wrinkle injections

The use of “Botox®” or other anti wrinkle products to successfully treat wrinkles and facial creases is simple and effective. Botulinum toxin is a purified protein, and when carefully administered to an area of muscle this can be very effective in relaxing the muscle to give the desired effect. It is a commonly requested procedure in both men and women as it provides a safe, quick and reliable solution for fine lines and wrinkles. With virtually no downtime, it is the go to treatment to enhance a youthful and natural appearance.

The product can be placed between the eyebrows, in the forehead and around the eyes (crows feet). Anti wrinkle treatment can also be performed to create an eyebrow lift, stop the corners of the mouth from pulling down, reduce gummy smiles by lowering the lip, combat excessive sweating and to reduce neck sagging

Treatment summary

Recovery time – 24 hours
Results – develop between 7-14 days
Duration of results – 3-4/6 months
Possible side effects – bruising, swelling, infection, very rarely eyebrow droop.

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