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Dermal Fillers

As we age, our skin also ages and loses its youthful elasticity, volume and hydration. Dermal fillers are made from a substance which is naturally found in the body known as Hyaluronic acid. They effectively treat deep lines and wrinkles by binding to water in the skin, and can plump, hydrate and increase volume in certain areas of the face. This helps rejuvenate your skin and enhances your beauty.

Natural ageing can results in Collagen, elastin and bone depletion which in turn changes facial contours. Dermal fillers can replace this lost volume, resculpt the facial architecture and stimulate collagen production. The quality of the skin is rejuvenated and a natural shape can be restored.

Areas that can be treated with dermal fillers: Lip enhancement/agumentation Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines) Marionette Lines/Smokers Lines Cheek/Chin/Jaw/Chin Sculpting 

Treatment Summary 

Recovery time – 48 hours 

Duration – 6 – 12/18 months 

Possible Side effects – swelling, bruising, infection

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